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Guided Reading: Infer, Grades 1-2

Product Number: CD-104923
Strengthen foundational reading skills with a guided reading program tailored to help students at various reading levels.Guid...

Strengthen foundational reading skills with a guided reading program tailored to help students at various reading levels.

Guided Reading: Infer for first and second grades enhances your lesson plans with six sets of readers for below-level, on-level, and above-level reading skills. This resource book includes 36 readers and engages students with eye-catching photos as they learn about topics such as Native Americans, spiders, and hibernation.

Ready to Go Guided Reading: Infer offers the essentials for an effective, comprehensive reading program for first and second grades. This book includes:

  • leveled readers that cover high-interest topics
  • prompts to encourage students to work with the text and text features
  • discussion guides
  • graphic organizers

The readers are separated into three readability levels and designed to keep students’ attention. Various call-out boxes direct students to apply guided reading strategies to the texts, such as scanning for meaning or word work. Each reader concludes with a writing prompt.

The Ready to Go: Guided Reading series for first to sixth grades includes everything you need for guided reading organization. Each 80-page book is essentially a guided reading set, containing 36 total readers, six discussion guides, and three reproducible pages. Each grade span includes 8 books, focusing on the following reading comprehension strategies:

  • Connect
  • Infer
  • Question
  • Summarize
  • Analyze
  • Determine Importance
  • Synthesize
  • Visualize

Each nonfiction reader contains short nonfiction texts, vocabulary banks, photographs, charts, and maps.


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